How to Fix a Missing AirPlay Icon on iPhone and Mac

However, the problem is that there is no visual indicator to tell whether you have run it. What’s more, an automatic software update or a firmware reset will make AirPlay shut down without warning. The very first step to troublesome this error is to check whether your devices are compatible with AirPlay. But it seems confusing to know about which devices are compatible with AirPlay. I have make a list for your reference or you can check whether there is an option for Screen Mirroring in the Control Center by swiping down on your Home screen.
If you want to AirPlay to your TV, make sure both your iPhone and either your television, Roku or Apple TV 4K are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you have a Roku that you’re using to connect, ensure it has the latest updates by going to Settings, then selecting System. AirPlay from Apple lets iPhone users mirror their screen on a TV, so they can play their videos and music on the bigger screen, or view pictures. We’ll specifically focus on a few different ways to do that. Charlotte is a columnist who loves to help others solve errors in computer use. She is good at data recovery and disk & partition management, which includes copying partitions, formatting partitions, etc.
For instance, you want to watch a movie, but it’s only available on iPhone. The problem is you can only watch on the small screen of your mobile phone. Hence, if you want to watch the movie with your friends or family, you might have difficulty viewing it. But if you use the AirPlay, you can connect your iPhone to the TV to make the movie more enjoyable to watch. Maintain the most recent versions of your apps, internet connection, and devices at all times. Moreover, you may have the alternatives of third-party apps, so that you can directly mirror everything that you have on your phone from your LG TV.
Ensure the Wi-Fi icon is also turned off to disconnect. Here’s what to do if AirPlay is not working, broken down by devices. AirPlay is one of the features that makes the Apple ecosystem interconnected.
Phone Unlocking Tips Learn how to remove lock screen on mobile phone. The latest version of the icon is a triangle pushing into the bottom of a rectangle. In Screen Mirroring iPhone to PC , a triangle is pushed into the bottom of three concentric rings.